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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Driver Equipment
What are acceptable helmet standards for MSA Events?
Where can I buy an acceptable helmet?
Can helmets complying with the Snell K98 or Snell K2005 standards be used?
Who can use a Snell-FIA CMR2007 or CMS2007 standard helmet?
Is the European ECE 22-05 helmet standard accepted by the MSA?
Can I use a tinted visor?
Where can I find information on Head Restraints?
Do I have to use 3 inch harnesses on stage rallies?
Do I need FIA homologated overalls for events other than racing?
Is the FIA 1986 Standard for overalls be acceptable for use in National Racing?
Historic Vehicles
What is a Heritage Certificate (HC)?
How can I obtain an HC for my car?
What is a Historic Technical Passport (HTP)?
How can I obtain an HTP for my car?
Why has the old FIA Historic Vehicle Identity Form (HVIF) been replaced by the HTP?
What is an MSA Historic Rally Vehicle Identity Form (HRVIF)?
How can I obtain an HRVIF for my car?
Are chain guards mandatory?
Can I modify or rebuild my kart engine?
Can I use Carbon Fibre or Fibre Glass components?
Can I use four wheel braking on my chassis?
Can materials such as Titanium or Magnesium alloys be used?
Do I need to fit side pods?
Do I need to use a homologated chassis or engine to compete in karting?
How much Ballast can I fit to a Kart Chassis?
Is there a maximum life for a chassis?
What size fuel tank do I need fitted to a Kart?
What type of spark plugs can I use?
Where do transponders need to be placed?
Where can I find specific class regulations?
Where can I obtain homologation forms/fiches?
Where can I refer to CIK regulations?
Are safety belts required for Karts?
What type of suit/overalls do I need to use?
Can I mix wet and dry tyres?
Can tyre softeners be used?
Which make of tyres can I use?
Rescue & Recovery
Are recovery and rescue crew still insured after the course closing car has passed through a stage?
Are unit vehicles and crew insured?
Do I need a First Aid Certificate?
Do the crew of an SSU need to be licensed?
What are the manning requirements for Rescue and Recovery Units?
What qualifications do I need to be a licensed crew member?
What equipment is required?
What vehicle should be obtained to use as a Rescue, SSU or Recovery Unit?
Stage Rallying
How do I apply for Category 2 papers?
Can I use a motorcycle engine in the Category 2 car I am building?
Technical Officials
How can I get my copy of Scrutineers News delivered electronically?
How do I become a Scrutineer or Timekeeper?
Track Safety
For what period of time is an MSA Track Licence valid?
How do I apply for an MSA Track Licence?
If the track licence for a venue is held by an organising club can other clubs make use of the same licence?
Is the MSA Track Licence valid for any other activities than those authorised by the MSA by issue of an MSA Organising Permit?
When is an MSA Track Licence required?
When is an MSA Venue Inspection Required?
Who should apply for and hold an MSA Track Licence?
Competition Vehicle Equipment
The use of homologated cars in motorsport?
Do I need to get my fire extinguisher system serviced?
Does my fire extinguisher system have to be homologated for MSA National events?
What are the common reasons logbooks can’t be processed?
Where can I find a scrutineer to logbook my car?
Do I need a separate rain light or will a standard manufacturers light be suitable?
How many LED’s have to be working on my Red Warning Light?
Are ‘Bolt-In’ Roll cages acceptable?
Do my seats have to be homologated?
Can I cut addition tread patterns on tyres for stage rallies?
Can I use cut slicks on stage rallies?
What tyres are acceptable for Road Rallies?
Are glass sunroofs acceptable in Stage Rallying or Racing?
What are the rules for windscreens and side screens?

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